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Sheds n Homes Gympie specialise in the supply of quality steel farm sheds. Offering the most competitive farm shed prices in Queensland, and supplying superior structures that incorporate superior engineering, you can be rest assured that by purchasing a shed from us, you will be making a wise investment for your farm.

With a vast selection of flexible designs our rural buildings have the capacity to offer configurations of spans of up to 15 metres, heights over 7 metres, and lengths of 30 metres or more. These are serious Australian agriculture sheds, and we will work to ensure that we provide the ideal solution to your farming requirements.

The flexibility in design provides plenty of flexibility when it comes to planned use.  Taking you from a machinery shed, storage facility, equipment or hay shed; you really cannot go passed one of our custom-desgiend steel farm sheds.

At Sheds n Homes Gympie, our Australian farm sheds are all manufactured with components from BlueScope Steel with 450MPa steel or greater. Call us today 1800 764 764 or get in touch online.

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